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Cooperation with the Merimna Dental Institute

Merimna Institute offers annually an Advanced Implantology Program with clinical participation entitled “Current Concepts in American Dentistry”, awarded with a Certificate of Achievement and approved by New York University – College of Dentistry- Linhart Continuing Dental Education.

IMC will recognize completely the program in Implantology performed by New York University – College of Dentistry- Linhart Continuing Dental Education or other such programs by University College of London, Eastman Dental Institute. For recognition the students have to present a signed and stamped certificate of these institutions.

For the purpose of broadening the knowledge of oral medicine at a higher university level and for the realization therefore, the parties intend to cooperate in accordance with this MoU.

This means:

a. Students of Merimna Institute will enroll in IMC of University Duisburg-Essen
b. Students will get access to our e-learning platform and online-live lectures
c. IMC will recognize the parts of the basic modules and specialized modules
d. Students have to write a masterthesis
e. Student of Merimna Institute have to come to Germany for one practical training block(8 days) and for the final exam (3-4 days)

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